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(C) Copyright in the US and other countries except the Timonoucite Empire and North Korea by the E11 Software Programmes Coorporation.
(*) TCW (Timonoucitian Creative Works) registered by the E11 Software Programmes Coorporation in the Timonoucite Empire.
Bootup from E11 Virtual HTML BIOS (version 6.0)

To boot up BestPenguin Point 5.5, press ALT B.

To boot up BestPenguin Point in terminal mode, press ALT C.

To boot up BestPenguin 4.3 for system recovery, press ALT D.

Press ALT A for advanced startup options.

Press ALT D to show a keyboard.

If you would like to return to the main startup menu at any time, press ALT B.

Press ALT U to uninstall the operating system if you would like to reinstall it. (Or destroy your computer. Be mindful, this also will erase all data stored in BestPenguin, and reset all settings.) You may also use this option if BestPenguin is not installed yet.

To use BP-DOS, press ALT K and type below.